How to avoid getting caught in a scam this holiday season

It may be a little early but its getting close to Thanksgiving so now’s a good time to warn you all about the scams you may come across online searching for that price deal of the year. When buying something off a website check for hidden fees, if a website isn’t going to be upfront with you and is going to nickel and dime you behind your back, you should strongly consider spending your money elsewhere. Be careful of homemade goods sold on Facebook and if you do purchase something in that way get proof you actually exchanged money for a product in the form of an email with a receipt with the sellers name on it. If you plan on making a purchase with a credit card make sure the website is secure, to check this look on the left side of the URL address bar and you should see what looks like a closed padlock click on it and it will tell you if you are on a secure site or not, to learn more go to your banks website and then follow those instructions. Remember the obvious scams such as buying knock off merchandise and such and you will be just fine. Happy (early) Holidays and good luck with the shopping.

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