How To Make Your Online Presence Even Better

What makes a good online presence?

I am often asked this question and always respond with, “it depends on what you are trying to accomplish”. If you are store that wants to expand their business and grow their name you can use the internet for social media promotions and your website for sharing your companies information in more detail.

I can easily list a handful of companies who have a killer online presence with their website and social media.

It doesn’t matter the size of your company or organization, a good online presence only reaps benefits. Take for example a local gym I frequent, I wrote a good review on their Facebook page and within 10 minutes, during business hours, they responded with a grateful yet humble response, but when I wrote a less than stellar response to a store where I had a rotten experience, they ignored it. You also have to watch what other companies post and keep up with it, if your direct competitors are doing something it might be wise to follow but not imitate them, to keep yourself looking original and unique.

How you act online can be the difference between success and failure for your business and the difference between losing business and getting new / repeat business from the internet user.

You need a company that can help make sure your information is getting out there and is being shared and that when people respond to you online they feel that they are being listened to.

If you would like to know more about how we at afl’s Knights of Technology can make your website and/or social media everything you could dream of and more, call us at 248-425-0009.

We hope you will come to us for all your technology needs!

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