Websites On The Go: Mobile Phones and Websites

Im sure you all know of what a smart phone is by now, but did you know in many ways the smart phone industry is stealing some of the thunder from the Macs and PCs? Instead of going their desktop or laptop to look up a website, now people are doing it from their cell phones and tablets. In the old day a website just needed to look good in Internet Explorer and Safari, but now it needs to look good not only on computer browsers but on the screens and displays of all tablets and smart phones. To better understand this id suggest looking at a couple websites on your smart phone, if its hard to work with,read, or follow its not mobile friendly, an example of a mobile friendly site is which was custom built to be mobile friendly, screen reader accessible and more, if you would like more information or would like to have a professional web developer look at your website, call 248-425-0009



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